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Just a quickie as internet access is short and infrequent and I still need to Skype my mother to let her know I’m alive.

I’ve just been on a three day trip around Halong Bay which is basically a collection of small, mostly uninhabited islands off the coast of North Vietnam. The scenery was stunning but the temperature a little chilly – my gladiator sandals did not see the light of day once, which is a first for this trip.

We met some American girls whose footwear combination I fell in love with. This shot, above, is of the fantastically wrong but oh so right legwarmer/sandal combo, which I’ve mentioned in a previous post here. The dark brown leather sandals were purchased in Bangkok while the maroon cable knit legwarmers came from Pai in northern Thailand.

Yes, I know it sounds like I must be clutching at fashionable straws here but I need to create my own stylish entertainment since I have zero access to LFW. Plus, I just love a nice bit of cable knit.


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