>NYE in style


Above: A, post-midnight, in her gorgeous Topshop dress. Hats are model’s own…

Yes, I know I’m a it slow on this but in between all the packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning, I’ve hardly had time to think about New Years Eve. Fortunately F’s party came up trumps, not only for a rather hangover-inducing night, but also for cracking outfits.

A, a creative kindred spirit with whom I have a market stall at STB, was rocking a beautiful pale pink dress from Topshop, above. With tiers of black lace and teamed with black opaque tights, A looked gorgeous. Gold and pink party hats complimented the look…

Steve, pre-midnight, looking rather dapper in handmade tank and striped shirt combo
Another shout-out should go to Steve, of Hynd’s blog, for his creative and original outfit. Steve isn’t always as eccentric as his red and white striped shirt paired with aqua blue tank would suggest, but he can always be relied upon for a good party outfit. I believe he borrowed the knitted tank from his father, (handmade by his mum), the shirt is his own, as are the jeans. I can only wonder about the navy blue duck tie…

Regular posts to come once internet/new flat situation has been resolved…

Epic photos courtesy of F and R.


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  1. >I call it the "with arrogance you can do anything" look! Its all the rage in Brussels at the mo!

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